Ik Mauka (HD Video) Anumeha Ft Inder Chahal| Gurnazar| New Punjabi Song2021| Latest Punjabi Song2021
Ik Mauka (Official Video) | Anumeha Ft Inder Chahal | Gurnazar | Groovster | New Punjabi Songs 2021 | Latest Punjabi Songs 2021

Speed Records presents the debut song of Anumeha Bhasker's "Ik Mauka", the melody is beautifully penned by Gurnazar Chattha. The music video features Inder Chahal and Sanjana Singh and is directed by Agam Maan. Tune In and dedicate this song to the one you want Ik Mauka from!\\

Song - Ik Mauka (Full Video)
Singer - Anumeha Bhasker ( mrfor.info... )
Feat. - Inder Chahal
Lyrics/Composition - Gurnazar
Music - Groovster
Female Lead - Sanjana Singh
Directed By - Agam Maan
Casting - EYP Studios
Insta Reel - EYP Digitals
Label - Speed Records

Stream / Download from
Gaana : bit.ly/3hq9GS8
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    Crystal D'souza

    The song is so heart touching....soulful melodious voice....but a man should not do this to his woman.. He should support her......she has done very good thing atlast by accepting the chance... She deserves it...not that selfish man......he should had understand from how she would mangaged by doing hard work to being promoted...

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    The voice from the soul. So beautifully sung and the face expression of Anumeha are marvelous. God bless you beta . You are an example who maintains a good balance between your Personal, and Professional life along with your Passion. Salute to your Family for wholehearted support. 👍👍👍👍👍

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